How to Find The Best Deals in Costco

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How to Find the Best Deals in Costco

The best way to Find Costco Clearance Items You could be asking yourself which things at Costco are inclined to get marked down. The major reason an item is on clearance in Costco is because it has not sold well. The store has a lot of on hand, and it is using up valuable Costco warehouse space. Costco may go to the manufacturer and ask for an allowance to reduce the purchase price.

Another reason an item can go on clearance is a food item that will be expiring soon, and they can forecast that they will not sell all the remaining stock before the sell by date.

Lastly, you will find seasonal markdowns. Right after the holidays, there'll be Costco Christmas markdowns on all of the toys and decorations. These begin the day after Christmas and don't last long.

Another seasonal thing that will get put on clearance in Costco is patio furniture. It takes up a lot room in the warehouse which the store can't wait to sell it all at full cost, as it needs it out to make space for the winter solutions.

How to Find The Best Deals in Costco

Hope this can help you locate Costco clearance items the next time you're out shopping!


So, you understand how to locate the Costco clearance products, but how do you know whether it’s a fantastic thing? Well, if you don't understand the original price of this item you can always stop by the membership section with the product number and inquire what the initial cost was. You might also compare the purchase price of the product to how much it is on Amazon or Google it.

How to Find the Best Deals in Costco

Costco doesn't place the first price on the sign with a slash through it like some stores might do in order to suggest an item is available on clearance. That is because each deal at Costco is a superb cost, so they don't wish to allow you to know some deals are far better than others. There's not any standard Costco markdown schedule. There's not any special day of this week when toys or electronics have been marked down. Without assessing the store all the time it makes it tricky to follow along on your favorite items you're waiting to buy.

Did you know there is a secret trick to locating Costco clearance things? It's true and we are going to describe to you how to locate these Costco markdowns.

Costco Richmond Hill store is my local Costco and each Monday I take photos of all Costco clearance and Costco sale items there.

It all starts by looking at the item price. You would like to look for items that have a price ending in .97 cents. There's no special red price tag that is marked clearance and there's no clearance section with all the marked-down items. Basically, the markdown blends in with all other shop items. So, now that we understand this little trick we walk through the aisles of the Costco store looking at all the price tags to see which things are on clearance.

First, below the $*.97 price is going to be a date printed on the purchase price. This lets you know when the sign was printed, which gives you a good idea of the previous time that the item was marked down. Secondly, you can even examine the top right corner of the price tag to find out whether there's an asterisk “*”. If there is an asterisk “*” that means what you see will be the final of this item, you will find no longer pallets on the shelves. If there’s not an asterisk that would be a sign that you may want to wait to purchase the cleared thing until it's marked down farther, because there’s nevertheless a lot on hand. In that case we'll watch the thing over a couple of weeks to see if the purchase price drops down further, if there's still a lot on hand.

How to Find The Best Deals in Costco


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