Earn Aeroplan Miles On Amazon Canada Purchases Starting Next Month

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Earn Aeroplan Miles On Amazon Canada Purchases Starting Next Month

Earn Aeroplan Miles On Amazon Canada Purchases Starting Next Month

Aeroplan, Canada's premier coalition loyalty program today announced that its 5 million active members could soon earn Aeroplan Miles on most of their purchases on Amazon.ca, helping them attain their journey programs much quicker when they shop online.

"With an ever-increasing amount of shopping being done online, we are thrilled that our associates will then be able to earn Aeroplan Miles on Amazon.ca, letting them get closer to their travel programs," said Vince Timpano, President, Coalitions, Aimia Inc. "Our associates have big travel programs, so creating each and every purchase work hard for them -- even as they change where they shop -- is essential to our continuing development as the trusted companion for savvy traveling Canadians."


Aeroplan standing members will make even more miles when purchasing at Amazon.ca. Participants with silver and black status will earn up to 2x the miles while members with diamond standing get up to 3x the mph transaction. Those members using their Aeroplan-affiliated financial card will earn Miles twice when they pay to their new apparel, headphones or some of the millions of things available on Amazon.ca.


How it works: Aeroplan Members just visit aeroplan.com/estore; Using the search function on the page, find Amazon.ca; Enter your Aeroplan Number and last name; Click on the 'Shop Now' button to be redirected to Amazon.ca. Happy searching! Members will earn a minimum of 1 Aeroplan Mile percent invested.


Around Aeroplan, Canada's premier coalition loyalty program is owned by Aimia Inc., a data-driven marketing, and devotion analytics company.Aeroplan's millions of members earn Aeroplan Miles with its growing network of over 75 world-class partners, representing more than 150 brands in the financial, retail, and travel businesses.In 2017, approximately 2.7 million benefits were issued to members including two million flights on Air Canada and Star Alliance carriers which provide travel to more than 1,300 destinations worldwide. Aeroplan's two Flight Reward options, Fixed Mileage Flight Benefits and Market Fare Flight Rewards, work together so that members could access some chair, at any moment, on all Air Canada flights.


Based on a comparison of Aeroplan Flight Reward reservations against actual market base fares, as well as other financial institutions' travel rewards applications', last year, Aeroplan Members wanted fewer miles to fly than with another loyalty program in Canada. Besides flights, most members also have access to over 1,000 lively specializations, product, resort, car rental and experiential rewards.


To find out more about Aeroplan, please visit aeroplan.com or aimia.com.

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