9 More Reasons that Make a Costco Membership Absolutely Worth It

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9 More Reasons that Make a Costco Membership Absolutely Worth It

  1. Low-cost prescriptions (FYI: You don't actually have to be a member to get these low prices!)

9 More Reasons that Make a Costco Membership Absolutely Worth It

Yes, Costco has a pharmacy and it may be able to save you a lot of money — especially as prescription drug prices continue to rise.


According to a recent report from Consumer Reports, prescription prices can vary significantly even at retailers in the same area.


This is a great example of why you should always shop around for the best price. You may just find that getting your prescriptions at Costco can save you some serious cash over time.


  1. Discounted tickets, passes and gift cards


You don't have to buy everything in bulk at Costco. A membership to the warehouse club comes with access to discounted theme park passes, movie tickets and a wide range of gift cards to local restaurants and more.


For instance: Pizzapizza and Pizzanova $50 gift cards are $39.99 at Costco only


  1. Cheap meals


Where else can you get a hot dog and refillable fountain drink for only $1.50? And we’re talking about good hot dogs! So if you want to save on a quick meal, just pop into Costco for lunch or dinner!



  1. Travel


A membership to Costco gives you access to the company’s travel program, which offers discounts on flights, hotels, rental cars and even cruises!


Check it out at www.costcotravel.ca


  1. Low-priced gas


Depending on the current price of gas, filling up at Costco could save you enough to cover your annual membership fee.


  1. Insurance


A lot of people don't realize that Costco offers insurance options for things like life insurance, health insurance, dental, vision and even auto insurance.


  1. Great deals on tires


If you bought tires anywhere besides at a warehouse club, you probably paid too much. Costco offers great prices and services on tires that are hard to beat. Plus, Costco often discounts certain name brand tires by as much as $70 to $80 — which can easily cover your annual fee.


  1. Payroll and accounting services


If you’re running a small business (or not) and need help with record keeping an even payroll, check out Costco’s services. It could save you big bucks on these expenses




  1. Free tech support


A Costco membership comes with free tech support, so when you buy any electronics, appliances, cameras and other products that you may need help setting up or troubleshooting issues, Costco experts are standing by to provide free assistance!


On its website, Costco outlines a few of the services offered:


Speak with expert level technicians

Enjoy easy-to-understand answers to your set-up and product use questions

Get troubleshooting assistance

Receive assistance purchasing TV setup/installation at Costco.ca

Obtain warranty information and assistance




9 More Reasons that Make a Costco Membership Absolutely Worth It

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