Costco Canada In Store Clearance, Sale and Flyers Deals Oct 15 to 21

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Costco Canada has now released the new eastern weekly instant discount handouts! These handouts are available at all Costco Wholesale warehouses in Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador and Nova Scotia.

These Costco Canada eastern instant flyers are valid from, Oct 15 to 21  2018.   Only Costco members may use these instant savings handouts and Costco discount will be automatically added when you purchase any of these items.


Costco Canada In Store  Sale Clearance and Flyers Deals Oct 15 to 21


Click here to view all Costco Canada instant weekly handouts fly­ers.


How to read Costco Price Tag Code to Save More Money


The Best Way to Find the Best Prices In Costco, What is the secret about Costco Price Tags to save more money?

Don't miss out on these weekly bargains at Costco! We go to Costco store to get sale and clearance updates every Monday in Richmond Hill Costco @ Ontario. is the only website to provide what items are currently on sale or on clearance at Costco and how much they cost.


Nothing Special Always Ends in .99

If you see a product with a price ending in .99, don't get excited, this product has not been marked down at all, and is the original low price. Still a deal, but be on the lookout for better.

Manager Specials Always End in .97

This is a limited-time, manager-decided deal specific to your local Costco Wholesale s tore, so get on it before they're gone. This pretty much means the manager is trying to clear the item out, either to get rid of it for good, or to get rid of excess stock.

Manufacturer Deals End in 9s (Excluding .99)

69 and 79 cents may seem unconventional, and they are, but these odd ending prices indicate a test-ride of a product by the manufacturer offered at a price lower than Costco would like. These .49 .59, .69, .79, and .89 endings can possibly be better deals than at other stores, but they won't be better than the .97 manager markdowns.

Inventory-Dumping Deals End in .88 or .00
A price tag ending in .00 or .88 usually indicates that the manager wants this item out and gone for good. This could be horribly selling items, or returned merchandise that's still sell-able, so jump on these limited numbers when you can. Just make sure to inspect the item closely before committing.

Discontinued Items Will Have Asterisks (*)
Any sign with an asterisk (*) indicates that this item is discontinued, so it's basically on end row.


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Costco Canada In Store Clearance, Sale and Flyers Deals Oct 15 to 21

Costco Canada In Store Clearance, Sale and Flyers Deals Oct 15 to 21

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