50% off Ergobaby Baby Carriers @ Best Buy Canada

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If you or someone you know is looking for a baby carrier, check these out! I just spotted a few Ergobaby ones for 50% off at Best Buy Canada!

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The Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier usually sells for $159.99 each, but these ones are down to $79.99 each!

And while a few Ergobaby carriers are marked down at other stores, their prices are nothing like this!

Best Buy Canada has the Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier on sale in three different colours:

  • Galaxy Grey
  • Blue/Navy
  • Moonstone

50% off Ergobaby Baby Carriers @ Best Buy Canada

Each one helps you carry little ones between 12 and 45 lbs (so 5.5 to 20 kg) in three different carry positions: front, back and hip. The carriers distribute your baby's weight evenly, so you don't end up straining your shoulders or back in the process (which is always a plus).


The Ergobaby Original Carrier allows you to carry your little one with ease. The padded waist belt ensures your baby's weight is evenly distributed between your hips and shoulders, while the padded shoulder straps provide the best in comfort. The carrier also keeps your baby cozy by supporting an ergonomic and natural sitting position.


An adjustable hood can protect your baby from the sun or act as a makeshift nursing shield. Plus, there's even a front storage pocket!

And if all that wasn't enough, Best Buy has a TON more baby items on sale!

Orders over $35 ship free.

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